Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So I joined Weight Watchers

Hi everyone,

so...yeah....I joined Weight Watchers. I've heard so many good things about it that it was hard not to seek their help. Besides, if I pay for it, I tend to use it....most of the time at least. I join last Tuesday and it has been one interesting week. First off, I joined the online program. I work shift work so signing up for meetings wouldn't work well for me. I absolutely love doing it online tho. Their website is so easy to navigate through some pretty awesome recipes, great tips...the only downfall I see right now, is their ingredient list (at least on the Canadian site, I can't speak for .com) is lacking....severely. That's my only complaint. Other then that I find it easy and not that time consuming to track what I eat and to look up point on certain foods. OH wait...I have one more complaint...I wish Weight Watchers would create a better App for us blackberry users!!! This calculator crap-app sucks! At least their website works great on my playbook tho...a little slow..but it could be worse right.

Anywhos, so I started off the program with these stats...

Weight - 160lbs (ouchie, that stinks to write....)
I should also mention I'm 5'4" of lovable cuteness :)
Dress size: 8
Waist: 83.8 cm
Hips: 104 cm
Bust: 91.4 cm

That all hurt to type...BUT...this week on my weigh in day I came in at

Weight: 150.2lbs!!!!!!!!

I lost 9.8 lbs!!!! I haven't done my measurements yet because I've been jumping up and down the house in disbelief. Feels good to know that the first week was successful. I know it's probably just water weight but I don't care. It was a great feeling to see that number on the scale!!! AND I don't think I've been depriving myself at all either. In the last week, I've eaten mushroom soup, pizza, cupcakes, salads, burgers, pancakes...etc.. ALL yumminy goodness. I'll be posting those recipes soon. I found a lot of them online but I tweaked them a bit for Chris and I.

So stay tuned for recipes!!

See you later! 

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